Two-Way “Web Texting”
Joopz lets you send and receive text messages (SMS) from the Web to any mobile phone for free. A real-time history of all your conversations is included.
Group Messaging
With the Joopz Group Messaging feature, you can have conversations via text with all your friends at once.
Text Reminders
Don't forget the party! Joopz helps you manage your life by tracking what you need to do and when, and then sending a text reminder.
Scheduled Messages
A birthday, an anniversary, a graduation – send delayed text messages for the recipient to receive at a specific time – a day from now, a week from now, a year from now.

About Us

Joopz is a service of MobileSphere

MobileSphere is a leading provider of global wireless communications solutions leveraging the migration from fixed to mobile telephony. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, MobileSphere serves MVNOs and wireless carriers, medium-to-large enterprise, universities, and consumers.

To learn more about MobileSphere, please visit our website.