SMS Forwarding
If you have finished working on your computer, but you want to continue to receive Joopz messages from recipients, simply click on “SMS Forwarding” to have all Joopz messages sent to your cell phone.
Text Reminders
Don't forget the party! Joopz helps you manage your life by tracking what you need to do and when, and then sending a text reminder.
Scheduled Messages
A birthday, an anniversary, a graduation – send delayed text messages for the recipient to receive at a specific time – a day from now, a week from now, a year from now.

How It Works

Joopz was created to make text messaging easier to use, more convenient and more accessible. Joopz allows users to send text messages from the Web to both individuals and groups, while enabling recipients to respond directly to the originating PC or Mac. Joopz web texts can be sent from any web-enabled device worldwide to any U.S. or Canadian mobile phone.

Think of Joopz as your online command center for text messaging. Joopz has been well-received by all types of people – from young professionals stuck behind a PC all day - to college students working in the library all night - to parents who want to reach their kids after school.

If you get easily frustrated with sending text messages from your traditional cell phone while you’re at work or in class – you’re not alone! Try Joopz today and you’ll be sending and receiving text messages in no time.


Joopz Service Plans

Joopz offers two different services: Basic and Premium. Our basic service is free and allows you to send up to fifty messages per month and have access to most of our advanced features. Our premium service, which costs as little as $2.95 per month, enables you to send and receive unlimited text messages and provides access to all Joopz features including advanced contact management and history of all messages sent.

Features Basic Premium
Outgoing Messages 50 per month Unlimited
Incoming Messages Unlimited Unlimited
Two-way web texting yes yes
Group chatting yes yes
Group broadcasting yes yes
Scheduled texting yes yes
Reminders yes yes
SMS forwarding yes yes
Contact management yes yes
Message history - yes, premium only
Joopz Desktop Application - yes, premium only
Joopz Outlook Plug-in - yes, premium only
Price: free

$2.95 / month

or $19.95 / year

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Joopz Service Instructions

Sending a text message to an individual

  1. Create an account by choosing a username and password and entering your mobile phone number.
  2. Once you're logged in, type a message into the message window.
  3. Enter the mobile number of the person receiving your message.
  4. Choose to send the message immediately, or specify a later time or date.
  5. Click "send the message."

Sending a text message to group

Group Messaging works exactly the same as individual messaging, except instead of entering just one recipient's mobile number, you can enter up to 10. You can also assign names to your groups so you don't have to type in all those numbers every time.

When using Group Messaging, you also have the option of web texting in Broadcast mode or Chat mode. In Broadcast mode, when someone in your group replies to the message, their reply only comes to you. Chat mode means replies are sent to everyone else in the group - like hitting "Reply All" to an email.

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