This site is perfect for everyone. You can now text message at work when you're not supposed to be on your phone. You can chat with friends and not even have you phone with you. You can send out mass texts to all your friends with ease. I will be using this all the time. This site may not be useful to all but I love it. I would tell everyone to check this site out and judge for yourself.

Beau from Minnesota

This is totally Awesome!!! My children are constantly going to certain mobile carrier websites to text friends that are not on their cell phone plan. This will make it so much easier for them to just go to one place instead of 10 others.

Almay from Arkansas

What a great idea. Thank you. I have a deaf daughter who only uses her phone for texts. I do text back to her but I don't have a text plan so it costs me fifteen cents for each text received or sent. This is a great plan for us. That way I can text her at work or when she is traveling. We will still IM at night while she is at her computer but in the daytime this is a marvelous plan for us. I can't say enough how thrilled I am to have found this.

Missy from Missouri

Looks like a great website to me, something I would use and that my parents could definitely use. They have a little trouble understanding all the texting stuff. I will recommend this site to them for sure!

Kelly from South Carolina

Awesome site for sending and receiving text messages to cell phones for free! The easy-to-use interface and simple sign-up procedure is the main draw for me. All new accounts get their "Premium" service free for one month. After that it is available for only $2.95 per month or users can continue for FREE on their Basic account! For the price, this is a wonderful deal. I work at home using my computer and it gets frustrating to try to find my phone when I hear my message alert. This way, I can continue to work and answer those text messages. The message archive makes it easy to keep up with a conversation that takes place over multiple text messages and multiple hours!

Ty from Louisiana

A friend of mine is sick in the hospital, and due to a recent neck surgery with fairly serious complications, can't talk quite yet. She's on the other side of the country, so I can't visit and she is unable to talk so I didn't want to call. She also can't sit up for too long. I also hate texting on my phone and therefore don't have any sort of texting plan so it gets expensive if I do. Then I found this-- which will enable me to "talk" to a friend in a lot of pain in a way that makes both of us comfortable. This is such a cool website. I love it!

Cassi from New York

Joopz is a GREAT idea! I love this website!!!!! Personally I have a hard time getting a signal all the time with my cell phone, but I love to text my family and friends and that's where Joopz comes in, with this free web texting service I can always stay in touch. It's easy and fast to sign up, and very easy to use so anyone can do it! I would and WILL recommend this to anyone who has a cell phone!!

Torey from Tennessee

I think this webpage is very useful not only to people that don't know how to text message but also for people that hate to search on their small cell phones for the letters to text their friends. I personally hate having to look for each letter and then end up hitting the wrong letter and have to backspace and it just takes forever! With Joopz you can just type and send! Very cool! I will definitely recommend Joopz to my friends.

Karen from California

WOW! That is all I can say. Wow! I am in love with this site! A site that lets you use your pc to send text messages, WITH NO DOWNLOADS! Awesome!!! I am thrilled!

Dianna from Georgia

Joopz is just plain amazing. I've always used AIM to send text messages from computer to cell phone, though that has always caused errors in txt messages for the person receiving the message. I tried out Joopz, and it is seamless in sending and receiving messages back to the computer it was sent from. On top of that, you can use Joopz anywhere in the world, meaning international friends and my family in Asia can text me from their home computers. It's also great in that my own cell phone makes it difficult to send and receive messages, making Joopz a great alternative for anyone else who has the same problem.

Kia from Texas

LOVES IT! You can text from the net--how hip is that? There are a lot of internet SMS programs out there, but this one is easy to use, with an intuitive interface to boot. I dig it! Teens, college students and professionals not wanting to be seen tapping away at their Blackberries or Razors while on the clock will definitely enjoy it!!

Ashley from Florida

As an executive secretary, I spend a lot of time tracking people down. The same people who'll ignore their pagers will go directly to their Blackberry or Palm as soon as there's a message notification! Now I have an easy way to text people from my desktop without having to know who their cell phone carriers are, and I can send group texts if a meeting is running late or needs to be convened on an emergency basis. This will make my life a lot easier!

Rachel from California

I was skeptical at first that this website would accept a Canadian telephone number and it did. What's great is that it doesn't matter who your cell provider is - you can use Joopz to send web texts. You might ask what the advantage to that is when you could just use your cell phone. Well ... I don't get free texting and my kids do. Over the past few months I've spent a lot of money on text messaging in order to keep in touch with my teenage boys. Also, I still fumble on the cell phone key pads, so now I have the best of both worlds. I can text for free AND I can use my computer keyboard, whether I'm at home or at work. Once you establish your quick and easy login on Joopz, you can login anywhere. Great site. I have recommended it about three times already.

Libby from York, Ontario

Joopz is a website that allows you to text a mobile phone without using your own mobile phone. I think this is a great idea! We all know texting is an effective way to communicate when you can't talk. What happens when you're at work and can't be typing on your cell phone and you have to tell your child (who can't talk on his cell phone at school) that you will be late to pick them up? You can use Joopz! You're already on the computer. I think this service is great. Plus my cell phone service charges me for sending the text message and again when my son receives it. This would save me some money too.

Maria from Florida

What a great concept! I love that you can use the computer to easily and quickly type a text message to someone. I also love that you can send delayed messages and set up reminders. I am consistently forgetting to send messages to people or forgetting important dates. This service is definitely relevant to me.

Wendy from California